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      Japan Headquarter
      Profile of the Headquarter
      Manufacturing Process of the special steel used by NSSP
      Bearing Steel And Manufacturing Equipment
      Billet Rolling and Inspection Equipment
          >> Billet Rolling and Inspection Equipment
      Rolling and Inspection Equipment
      Heavy section bloom is rolled into billet, and then billet is rolled into bar as the size requested by customer.
      The genesis of high-cleanliness steel lies in the serial production system that integrates manufacturing process from scrap melting to billet inspection,where all heats Ladle furnace refined and RH vacuum degassed prior to continuous casting by a completely vertical type heavy section bloom caster.
      Regarding the inspection machines, the phased-array ultrasonic inspection machine which is introduced into mass production for the first time in the world is working.
      Billet Rolling and Inspection Equipment
      Cogging mill Three roll planetary mill Across-the-section ultrasonic inspection machine
      Continuous rolling mill Phased-array ultrasonic inspection machine for steel bars Magnetic leakage flux inspection machine for steel bars
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