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      Products and technologies
      Horizontal Type Forging
      Vertical Type Forging
      Designing Die for Forging
      Heat Treatment
      Cold Treatment 1
      Cold Treatment 2
      Inspection equipment
          >> Designing Die for Forging
      NSSP and Sanyo Special Steel collaborate to design dies by an advanced CAE simulation software.The most appropriate die for production makes it possible to maximize a yield ratio and minimize turning processes and time.
      *CAE simulation technology
      Skill of analysis by computer-based calculation
      NSSP adopts the following systems for analyzing the

      MSC MARC: Thermal stress analysis, Elastic-plastic
                       deformation analysis
      DEFORM 3D: Deformation analysis
      DEFORM H: Thermal stress analysis, Phase transformation
      DEFORM 3D Rolling: Ring rolling deformation analysis
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